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  • Electrical Mechanical Interlock

    Date / 12/03/2019

    US $1-20 Part Number : RL-800 Description: electrical and mechanical Mount method: side mounted Aux. contact: 2N/C Model suitable: RAB-88T ~ 450T Riken Electric Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of protection and controlling equipments for electrical application and electricity syste...

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  • Auxiliary Contact Block

    Date / 12/03/2019

    US $1-20 Part Number : RA1-T11 Mount method: upper mounted Aux. contact structure: N/O :1 N/C: 1 Model suitable: RAB-A12 ~ A36 Riken Electric Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of protection and controlling equipments for electrical application and electricity systems in Taiwan. R...

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  • Thermal printer PosOuda P10

    Date / 09/12/2018

    US $1-20 ltem P10 Print Print method: Direct thermal line printing Resolution: 180 x 180DPI Print width: 72mm(Max) Print speed: 230mm/s(Max) Memory: Flash:32M Sensors: paper end sesor,TPH position,TPH overhating protection,print voltage Driver: Windows drivers(Win2000/XP/2003/VISTA/...

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  • Refrigeration, Air-condition, Ventilation & Air-Improving

    Date / 07/04/2018

    US $1-20 Guangzhou International Refrigeration, Air-condition, Ventilation Air-Improving Fair(AVAI China 2018) Date: August 16th-18th, 2018 Venue: China Import Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou Address:No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China Website: National ...

    Related Keywords: Guangzhou International Refrigeration, Air-Condition, Ventilation & Air-Improving Fair(AVAI China 2018)

  • 7''800X480 dots 24ibt RGB tft

    Date / 06/10/2016

    US $1-20 7''800X480 dots 24ibt RGB tft COG-T700MZWH-01 400cd/㎡ high brightness, 400 high contrast ratio,7.0 inch 50pins TFT Module, driver ic HX8264+HX8664,24 Bits RGB interface, 12 clock viewing angle, 800*480 WVGA, outline size:164.90*99.80*5.50mm, Active area:154.08*85.92mm,Pixel Pitchï¼...

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  • Asphalt Concrete Recycling Machine

    Date / 01/19/2016

    US $1-20 EAGER series asphalt concrete recycling machines are kind of new-type highway maintenance equipment. The equipment is composed of heating converter, asphalt tank, hydraulic power system, heating system, electrical control system and LPG preheating relieving device. Adopts full hydraulic drive, with ...

    Related Keywords: Asphalt Concrete Recycling, road maintenance machine

  • Asphalt Concrete Hotbox

    Date / 01/19/2016

    US $1-20 EAGER series asphalt concrete hotbox is professional asphalt concrete heat insulation equipment. The equipment can heat and preserve mixed asphalt mixing materials, with good re-heating and insulation function. Heating through the heat transfer oil, can avoid local high temperature, constant tempera...

    Related Keywords: Asphalt Concrete Hotbox

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Vehicles

    Date / 01/19/2016

    US $1-20 EAGER series blue flame hot recycling comprehensive maintenance vehicle integrates asphalt recycling heater, asphalt concrete hotbox and emulsified asphalt sprayer in the same chassis. Rear of the unit is asphalt recycling heater, using patented technology of the blue flame thermal radiation heating...

    Related Keywords: road maintenance machine, pothole repairing machine, asphalt heater

  • Vehicle-mounted Crack Sealing Machines

    Date / 01/19/2016

    US $1-20 Product Overview: Used in Expressway, national and provincial roads, county roads, municipal roads, parking lots, toll stations, airports and other irregular cracks in asphalt pavement and concrete pavement joints, cracks and other diseases. Product Features Auto Chassis, high mobility and flex...

    Related Keywords: Crack Sealing Machine

  • Digital Push Pull Force Gauge

    Date / 04/21/2015

    US $1-20 Functionalcharacteristics 1. Highprecisionandhighresolut ion. 2. Fivetestingmodesandthreeam p;am p;nb sp;displaymethodsforselection----enhancetes tingefficiencytothemaximumexten t 3. N(Newton),kg(Kilogram)anda mp;a mp;n bsp;lb(Pound)threemeasuringunits  ; ; ; ; ;forselectionandconversio...

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